Spiderwick Chronicles - Nintendo DS

Spiderwick Chronicles
Title: Spiderwick Chronicles
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Mar 2008
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  • Spiderwick Chronicles
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Unlock and explore the hidden world of the seen and unseen from the Spiderwick film. Battle strange and enchanted creatures in this spellbound world of eerie adventures as you fight to stop a rising evil.

Multiple Playable Characters - Play as any of the 3 the Grace kids (Jared, Simon, Mallory), each with their own unique abilities and personalities
Open Exploration - Sandbox-style gameplay encourages extensive exploration within the Spiderwick universe that's true to the movie and books
Creature Capture - Find, capture and catalogue the unique faerie creatures (goblins, griffins, elves, dwarves, sprites) with the Field Guide
Combat - Use swords and other weapons to combat hordes of goblins
Puzzle Solving - Solve a variety of puzzles and riddles leading to information, awarded items or pathways to new and unexplored areas
Missions - Loads of exciting side missions to explore give a greater sense of freedom and gameplay depth
Co-Op Support - Variety of minigames allow gamers to play alongside their friends

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only