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Title: Storm
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  • Storm
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On August 23rd 1992, a covert operation led by General Roberts (Martin Sheen) launched a device from a specially equipped, top secret, aircraft to control the weather. Control of the machine was lost and within hours a deadly hurricane had formed and became America’s greatest natural disaster, Hurricane Andrew. In the wake of this catastrophe, all evidence of the weather control programme was covered up.

Seven years later, General Roberts recruits into his covert operation, meteorologist, Ron Young (Luke Perry). Ron has developed a software program and storm device that shows the potential to direct and control weather systems. The storm device is launched into the eye of a weather front 300 miles off the Californian coast. Within moments of the device entering the eye of the storm, General Roberts gives the order to direct the storm to Mexico.

The storm has accelerated to the force of a super hurricane with winds exceeding 400 miles an hour. But still the hurricane heads directly for the city of Los Angeles.

Ron Young has three hours to fly directly into the eye of this super hurricane and regain control of the storm device...

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only