Supreme Commander - Xbox 360

Supreme Commander
Title: Supreme Commander
Platform: Xbox 360
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 12 Sep 2008
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The year is 3844. For over 1,000 years, a terrible conflict called the Infinite War has raged between three human-based factions: the United Earth Federation (UEF), Aeon Illuminate and Cybran Nation.

Using Quantum Gate technology, the three factions can create 'Quantum Tunnels' to nearly any location in the galaxy, granting them near instantaneous travel to even the most distant plants. Massive Armoured Command Units can construct and unleash entire armies anytime and anywhere.

The Infinite War has claimed billions of lives. Entire planets have been turned into nothing more than smouldering rocks floating lifelessly in space.

There is no room for compromise. There is no room for mercy. Only you can end the Infinite War.

Adding to the expansive Supreme Commander universe, the Xbox 360 edition will feature exclusive new units, updated maps and two new multiplayer modes.

Further more, gamers will be able to take the fight online against up to three other players from around the world via Xbox LIVE. In addition, a revised, consolespecific control interface and HUD will give gamers unprecedented strategic power over their armies.

The revolutionary Strategic Zoom not only gives the player the flexibility to control the entire theatre of war from an overhead map view, but also enables them to zoom right down to ground level, where they can issue orders to single units. The game can handle a vast number of units on screen, and players will need every single one to take down enormous experimental units that can change the tide of battle. The same units, ranging from miniscule to mammoth, will be available in the ranked multiplayer battles.

Product Features

* Four technology tiers, ranging from diminutive drones to mountain-straddling titans
* Three unique factions to play
* Four-player multiplayer over Xbox Live
* All new-interface, HUD and controls for Xbox 360
* 18 levels and three campaigns
* From Chris Taylor, multi-award winning developer of Total Annihilation and Demigod.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only