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Title: Sweepers
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One Step Between Life And Death.

War-ravaged Angola is home to the worst mercenaries, cutthroats and terrorists the world has to offer. It is there that Christian Erickson (Dolph Lundgren) leads his elite team of "Sweepers" - men with nerves of raw iron who clear mine fields to make the land safe for native villagers. It is there that Christian's eleven-year-old son is tragically killed following his father when rebels attack the humanitarian team.

Five years later, a covert team, led by beautiful explosives expert Michelle Flynn (Claire Stansfield), arrives in Angola to investigate the manufacture of a super-lethal A6 land mine being used for terrorist bombings in the U.S. When Michelle's partners are killed, she must enlist the embittered Christian as her only hope of retrieving the A6.

Piece by piece, they discover the sinister plot behind the land mines and unmask a deadly adversary they never expected. Their journey climaxes in a fight-to-the-death chase through torturous jungle and deep diamond mines with the kind of incendiary action that doesn't stop until the final explosion.

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