Tarzan Freeride - Playstation 2

Tarzan Freeride
Title: Tarzan Freeride
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Nov 2001
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  • Tarzan Freeride
  • Tarzan Freeride
  • Tarzan Freeride
  • Tarzan Freeride
  • Tarzan Freeride
  • Tarzan Freeride
  • Tarzan Freeride
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When a crazed Victorian scientist and a group of malicious hunters descend upon the jungle, it's up to you to save your native environment from destruction. Based on Disney's animated Tarzan film, the game also takes elements from the original Edgar Rice Burroughs stories. You will manuvre through the dense expanses of the jungle to save your animal friends from peril, using cool moves such as bungee jumping, water skiing, surfing, and power sliding. There are 15 enormous levels in all, ranging from the swamp to the elephant graveyard, and each of the areas is detailed in stellar 3-D. In addition to playing the game's story mode, you can test your skills against the clock in Terk's Challenge. Join Terk, Tarzan, Jane, Tantor, and Porter for a rollicking adventure appropriate for gamers of all ages.

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