Tigerz - Nintendo DS

Title: Tigerz
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Feb 2008
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  • Tigerz
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Enzo & Ana, two animal apprentice trainers, receive 2 young tigers belonging to an endangered species from their grandfather. In order to take care of them, they need to earn money while saving their family training agency from bankruptcy.

As an apprentice trainer you will have to help trainers who face problems with their star animals all over the world. You will thus face some crazy situations and help them find solutions to perform! But be careful some of the people you will met could use bad training methods with their animals or wish your training agency close.

Will you succeed in becoming a real good trainer? Will you create your own show with your tigers?

Product Features
Develop a true and strong relation with the 2 tigers you are in charge of
Feed them, clean them, heal them, play with them and cuddle them
Become their best friends and make them perform in amazing shows
Be careful: if you don't take good care of them the animal protection league could take them away and you'll have to pay huge amounts of money to get them back
Discover with each mission the thrilling adventures of Ana and Enzo and tour the world to help trainers with their star animals
Become an experienced trainer and be rewarded for your services: with the money you win, buy food, brushes or toys to take good care of your tigers
With your experience upgrade Ana and Enzo's skills in training and perform in dazzling shows: pay attention to all the elements that could distract the animals you're directing: flees, food smells, oil puddle:Build your own animal reserve step by step that will be able to help endangered animals all around the world.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only