Tony Hawks Downhill Jam - Nintendo DS

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam
Title: Tony Hawks Downhill Jam
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Nov 2006
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  • Tony Hawks Downhill Jam
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This year's hottest Wii game is also this year's breakthrough handheld game! Grab your deck and drop into the extreme speed of downhill racing in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Enter this high-speed competition down the steepest streets in the world including epic locations specific to the handheld versions like Kilimanjaro and Hoover Dam travelling the globe and competing with Tony Hawk. It's the wildest ride with Tony yet!
This is cutting edge technology for the Nintendo DS including breakthrough graphics a perfect 60 fps even with 4 skaters and local wireless and online game play using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection for up to 4 players.

In Story Mode, go on a World Tour with Tony and compete in a series of tournaments in this visually stunning, full streaming world over 4 times the size of Sk8land! Face timed challenges in Jam Session! Mode or just get right to the action in the Quick Race Mode even show off your best runs by uploading via Wi-Fi Connection.

Play against friends or strangers worldwide with 4-Player Local and Wi-Fi multiplayer, and 10 customisable Head-2-Head modes. Or, play co-op with friends across 10 different cooperative game modes. For the first time ever, use live voice chat with friends during game play.

Upload game replays and see how your scores match up in the Global Rankings. See other player's best runs. Create SK8 Crews with your friends to compete against other SK8 Crews around the world. Get new downloadable missions that continue the World Tour Story! Work together with the community to unlock new characters and downloadable art.

Race against Tony Hawk, create your own custom skater, or choose from dozens of unique skaters. Use the new graphical editor to create custom clothing outfits and share them over Wi-Fi. Unlock skaters, cheats and custom art for logos, clothing and decks. Even use snowskates and mountainboards to get down extreme terrain!

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only