Warhammer: Battle March - Xbox 360

Warhammer: Battle March
Title: Warhammer: Battle March
Platform: Xbox 360
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 12 Sep 2008
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  • Warhammer: Battle March
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Warhammer:Battle March brings the strategic tactical battles of the Warhammer to the Xbox 360 in a real-time strategy game that gives the player an unprecedented amount of customization and freedom to control their army on the battlefield

As an epic battle rages following a brutal Chaos invasion, a secret plot is unleashed from behind the scenes to tip the balance of power and disrupt the delicate balance of the world

Warhammer: Battle March contains six unique playable armies (Empire, Chaos, Skaven, High Elves, Orcs and Dark Elves) and over 100 unit types that develop the battlefield into a living, breathing entity. With Xbox Live support, players are able to test their leadership abilities against online opponents or can play one of many additional game modes to give fans a seamless and enriching experience online or offline

Product Features

* MASTER THE ART OF WAR:Warhammer: Battle March is about War, focusing on the armies, skirmishes and the battlefield, while de-emphasizing the tedious aspects of base and resource management
* EPIC, VISCERAL BATTLES ON A MASSIVE SCALE:Epic sense of both scale and detail where immense, ferocious demons and huge beautifully rendered battalions clash with thousands of troops battling on screen in intricate detail
* USE ENVIRONMENTS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE:A wide variety of terrain such as forests, swamps, plains, and tundra challenge players to adapt to their surroundings, adding a new layer of strategy and providing infinite replayability
* COMMAND HERS AND CHAMPIONS:As armies move from battle to battle in an epic war, Hers and Champions learn new tactics, unlock new abilities, command larger units, and can even challenge other Champions in duels to the death
* CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARMY:Warhammer: Battle March takes customization to a new level by allowing for body part swaps, weapon and armor enhancements, and more powerful controls to paint units and customize banners. Additionally, players can accent armies with mercenaries and “Dogs of War”, augmenting the look and play of their army for a unique game experience
* VARIETY OF PLAY MODES:Three extensive and thrilling single player campaigns places the armies of the “Empire”, “Chaos”, and “Orcs and Goblins” at the player's command along with a full assortment of multiplayer modes for both casual and competitive gamers to customize their armies and take them online to battle alongside their friends and against real world opponents

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