Worms: Open Warfare - PSP

Worms: Open Warfare
Title: Worms: Open Warfare
Platform: PSP
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Mar 2006
RRP: £17.99
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  • Worms: Open Warfare
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Retaining the same award-winning gameplay, unique sense of humour and clever mix of action and strategy that has epitomized the brand for almost a decade, Worms is the ideal quality gaming experience whilst on the move and is perfectly placed to make its debut on the Sony PSP.
The processing power of the new handheld means Worms contains the best of aspects of all previous Worms games whilst at the same time offering the best Worms AI and most balanced weapons system to date.
Plus with the introduction of a whole raft of unique features and laugh-out-loud comedy, Worms engages the player with streamlined gameplay especially suited to the smaller screen and shorter play time of a handheld device.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only