X-Blades - PlayStation 3

Title: X-Blades
Platform: PlayStation 3
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 20 Feb 2009
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  • X-Blades
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X-Blades invites players into a fantastic universe where the enchanting heroine Yuma fends off innumerable monsters and imposing bosses with her power, spells, fighting tactics and her deadly Pistol Blades! The anime-style level and character designs are what give X-Blades its special flair. Nearly 40 indoor and outdoor worlds dazzle players in an enthralling rhapsody of colour and detail. Non-stop action and vivid magical effects are impressively incorporated in game play through the use of cinema stylising such as bullet time or motion blurring. X-Blades will prove to be a hack 'n' slash spectacle for fans of entertaining action games and anime!

Product Features

* Gripping fantasy story with spectacular landscapes and characters
* Attractive anime-style heroine
* Special alternate "Demonic Power" mode
* Innovative "Pistol Blades" for shooting projectiles and close-quarter fights
* Over 40 indoor and outdoor level environments
* Over 30 different types of enemies
* Over 20 different types of magic in different classes
* Strong Boss opponents in fantastic detail and designs
* Hidden power-ups animate players to explore the levels
* Alternate endings depending upon the player's behaviour throughout the game

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only